2014 Okeechobee Health & Safety Expo.

Action Home Care: Okeechobee County Health & Safety Expo

Action Home Care had the pleasure of participating in the Okeechobee County Health & Safety Expo on January 25, 2014. Action Home Care’s Business Development Coordinator, Rebecca Barnes, was there with a booth representing the home health agency. AHC’s booth had something for everyone including a free raffle entry, trivia, giveaways, games, health education and information on home health. Action’s raffle items included two gift baskets: one for adults and one for families with children. Within the gift baskets were things such as toiletry items, playing cards, kids movies and first aid kits. Over a hundred businesses and organizations participated as vendors; and over a thousand spectators came out to the event. The Okeechobee County Health & Safety Expo was a fun-filled, free event and perfect for families! Action Home Care truly enjoys participating in events dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles. As one could imagine, AHC believes there can never be too much health promotion; especially when it is so much FUN!

Okeechobee County Health & Safety Expo attendees stopping at Action Home Care's booth.

Okeechobee County Health & Safety Expo attendees stopping at Action Home Care’s booth.

Action Home Care's Rebecca Barnes representing the agency at the Okeechobee County Health and Safety Expo.

Action Home Care’s Rebecca Barnes representing the agency at the Okeechobee County Health and Safety Expo.

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